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Writer, reader, dancer, musician and a lover of all things. I'm a student from the University of Santo Tomas. Currently 18 years old. What you'll read here are my original poems and some write ups. Anything that comes into my mind actually but mostly you'll see poems. Feel free to put in some comments after each post I make. But I reserve the right to remove comments if they are inappropriate. The use of the texts and images I put up in this blog is not permitted without my approval.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

When the storm comes
and the shit falls
I'd still be there.
When everything has been said
and all that you feel has been shaken
know that I'd still love you.
And when you get used to all of this
and start thirsting for more of something else,
I'll give you more.
I'll never quit.
I'll never stay down
for so long
when my legs fails to keep me up.
I'll rely on the facts,
on the reality of your love.
I'll prove
once again
that I love you.
And I'll do it a million times over
just to keep you
just to make you happy.

Love Her

When you find that girl
who you know
you do love,
and you love her deeply,
make her yours.
Don't let her pass you by.
Because it takes a lifetime
to fall for someone,
and there's no one else
in this world
- not one person,
like her.

I wrote this about more than a year ago. I told myself that I should be man enough to tell a girl that I love her only when I meant it.And after months I wrote this, I did. I've proven to myself that I am man enough to tell someone something that I know would make me vulnerable as hell. And I am positive that I did not make a mistake. I know that if I hadn't told that to this girl, my life would find its way to certain tragedy. And now that she knows that I love her, and that I know she loves me back, our fates have been twined. Only to be led to where God takes us from here.

All this time growing up taught me a lot of things. A lot of hurt, a lot of laughs, a lot of tears due to the latter reasons. I've learned so much about love, and what it can do, and what it feels like, and what it is capable of. And I know that that is exactly what I have found in Teng.
And a lot of people who'd read this would think "That's just to cheesy." or "He doesn't know what he's talking about." or maybe even "This dude's gay to say all this.". But if this, what I am saying here, is the truth, then why should it not be said? And surely, if any man(in his right mind) who finds love to the degree of how I see it and experience it he'd say the same thing too.

I have found the girl I talked about the poem above. And I do intend to keep her for as long as she'll have me. I have lived up to now still finding myself wherever she is. Because my place is with her. And I do love her.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What Love Does

You set my heart on fire
and say words
that sound like music from a lyre.
You take every breath I take away
leading them not astray.
But straight into your arms
Where there is only love
no harm.
And I find comfort
your love never falls short.

You give me love
and care
and everything
that makes the world fair.
You take my love
and everything I give
and with it you choose to live
with me
and with all days
my heart my soul
deeply prays
you'd stay.

I'll forever love
until there's breath for you to take
in these lungs.
And with each breath drawn,
I'll sing you this song
this melody of being free
despite being a captive of love.
Everything is pure.
A sinful life
you have cured.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Have you ever wondered
about love? About
its truth? About what it
really feels like?
I have. And I have went
and found it.
In the palm of your
hands. In the vault
of your beating heart.
I have felt it,
flowing out
and coming in.
I have given it
and choose to live
giving it.
To you.
Who gave me answers.
Who is the solution
against the biggest monsters
in life that I will face.
I was lost
and you gave me a place
where I can find peace
again and again.
Eliminating every trace
of fear and pain,
of moments of shame.
Giving me a reason
to live. Air
to breathe.

Have you ever wondered
about peace? About
a peace that lasts?
With no worries.
Just safety.
I have. In your love
I have it. Its warmth
always so inviting.
Making me come back
for more.
Just like our quivering
breaths after we kiss.
Letting us know
we want more.
More of this love.
More of this peace.
Making me want you
even more.

Monday, August 1, 2011


I have found depth
in the place I thought I'd never live to see.
I found it in those eyes
that seem to pierce my soul.
I found it in that heart
that loves a thousand fold.
I found it
in those caring arms
that took me in.
That chose to love me.