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Writer, reader, dancer, musician and a lover of all things. I'm a student from the University of Santo Tomas. Currently 18 years old. What you'll read here are my original poems and some write ups. Anything that comes into my mind actually but mostly you'll see poems. Feel free to put in some comments after each post I make. But I reserve the right to remove comments if they are inappropriate. The use of the texts and images I put up in this blog is not permitted without my approval.

Friday, September 30, 2011


Trust and find
the nobility of his mind
the nobility of his life
and of his love.
the nobility of truths
he does not deny.

Believe and see
the adornment he has for thee.
Looking to great
the beauty that is your face.
Like a swift sunrise
over hilltops and bree.
Every course of skin
lies stories of care.
It bares no shame
no shadow of uncertainty.

Like the tales of old says
it stays true-
that love comes but once.
And come it has,
for your descent
and in your fall
I rise,
and fall deeper we eill.
Like the seed
that digs deep
should grow.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I am yours
forever do
love you.
You are always
on my mind
I see you clear
speaking words
truth laid bare.
Always there
on the run
to where
you always are.
Finding where
my heart races far.
To reach my love
and hold her close
feel her arms
and her breath.
And she warms
my skin, lost to the cold
of winter's harm.
She is the sun
and the fall
and its breeze.
My longing
would never seize.
I am far
from my life's end
yet so close
to its deserved glory.
Receiving grace,
and giving care.
Caring it shall be
until the end
of me.
Loving it is named.
It is
but living
with a purpose
in these long verses.

Rifting Rafts

no matter how hard they try
no matter what they say
no matter what they make you feel
no matter what they try to prove

they can never take you away.

whatever you do
whatever you make me feel
whatever the pain
i'll love you the same.

some may hurt
but never trully understand.
the way i feel for you
is so much more
than what they could comprehend.

this is how i feel.
and no one else
could ever feel the same.
i love you more
than anyone else could ever dream of.
this is true, i know
they could curse me
they could think
of the worst things of me
but this will never change:
my love.

they will say
they love you more
and that they are better than i am,
the latter could be true
but never that first part
i have the bigger heart
filled up by you.

i will pay whatever cost
just to keep you mine
and fight any fight.
i will live loving you
and die just the same.
i will have
every bit of the pain
that this love shares
and still love you more
than this heart could ever bear.