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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rifting Rafts

no matter how hard they try
no matter what they say
no matter what they make you feel
no matter what they try to prove

they can never take you away.

whatever you do
whatever you make me feel
whatever the pain
i'll love you the same.

some may hurt
but never trully understand.
the way i feel for you
is so much more
than what they could comprehend.

this is how i feel.
and no one else
could ever feel the same.
i love you more
than anyone else could ever dream of.
this is true, i know
they could curse me
they could think
of the worst things of me
but this will never change:
my love.

they will say
they love you more
and that they are better than i am,
the latter could be true
but never that first part
i have the bigger heart
filled up by you.

i will pay whatever cost
just to keep you mine
and fight any fight.
i will live loving you
and die just the same.
i will have
every bit of the pain
that this love shares
and still love you more
than this heart could ever bear.

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