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Friday, June 10, 2011


This love
this feeling
it lives
and it breathes.
It speaks
words we cannot hear,
words that don't exist.

It is in between the lines
that you would find my love.
Between and in the thoughts
only you could see.

It is this
that defines love.
It is in the words
we never have to say.
It is in this cold night
that time would begin to slow down into a stop.

And we'll live in every minute
of every moment.
In every ticking second.
In every breath taken.

People hope,
people dream,
but all i know
is that you already take me there.
All I know is reality.
You are what hopes and dreams are.
You are bigger
than endless words of love.

This is where I lie,
here is my place.

I look to the skies
for words divine.
But what i see
are endless lines.
This is love.
spelled between the letters of your own name.

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