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Writer, reader, dancer, musician and a lover of all things. I'm a student from the University of Santo Tomas. Currently 18 years old. What you'll read here are my original poems and some write ups. Anything that comes into my mind actually but mostly you'll see poems. Feel free to put in some comments after each post I make. But I reserve the right to remove comments if they are inappropriate. The use of the texts and images I put up in this blog is not permitted without my approval.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Have you ever wondered
about love? About
its truth? About what it
really feels like?
I have. And I have went
and found it.
In the palm of your
hands. In the vault
of your beating heart.
I have felt it,
flowing out
and coming in.
I have given it
and choose to live
giving it.
To you.
Who gave me answers.
Who is the solution
against the biggest monsters
in life that I will face.
I was lost
and you gave me a place
where I can find peace
again and again.
Eliminating every trace
of fear and pain,
of moments of shame.
Giving me a reason
to live. Air
to breathe.

Have you ever wondered
about peace? About
a peace that lasts?
With no worries.
Just safety.
I have. In your love
I have it. Its warmth
always so inviting.
Making me come back
for more.
Just like our quivering
breaths after we kiss.
Letting us know
we want more.
More of this love.
More of this peace.
Making me want you
even more.

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