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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jazz Ain't Extinct!

Incognito - a British funk jazz band that hit the music scene 30 years ago. It was and still is one of my favorite bands of ALL time.

I first heard from this band back in the mid 90's when i was a kid. My mom always listened to this as she exercised in our living room. Me and my twin sister Chelsea would always sit, our backs against the wall, and we would watch our mom movin' to the groove.

If only music nowadays would make this much sense. If only there were more bands like these. Bands that are worth every penny, every peso. Maybe piracy wouldn't be so much big a deal today eh?

I think I am part of a rare group in my generation. A group of teens listening to jazz. And I don't even know how big or small that group is! The only person I know who is as young as I am who listens to this is my twin sister! How sad is that?! Wouldn't it be just cool to be in a jazzfest and the people you see are youngsters? That would be the day. :)

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