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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Years In The Making

Okay, today my relationship with Roselle Oliman made it to it's fourth month. I know people think it's tacky to celebrate the so-called "monthsaries", but I think the past four months I had is something worth writing about.

I have never in my life spent four months this happy before. Seriously, I have never had a full day wearing a frown on my face. And I know it's because of Teng (Roselle's nickname). She never gets tired of holding me up all the time. I keep her close to my everyday life. I let her know everything that's happened about my day, and it's when I am troubled that she gives me strength. I have never met anyone so joyful and lovely as she.

The past two months have been the greatest. Brutal and yet great. We faced summer together even when we were so far apart. We missed each other but there was nothing we could do but wait. There has been too many trying times. But we went pass them. Scratched, bruised, wounded. But in the end those thorns and punches are what made us stronger. Better individuals even.

I find her very different from other girls - girls I have been with and other girls in general. Which is what I think makes the most difference in our relationship. I love every bit of her, even her imperfections. Yes, imperfections. They let me know she is real. That what we have is not something to be doubted. Or thought of as a "too-good-to-be-true" sort of relationship.

She's the kind of girl I would hold on to for the rest of my God-given life. I love her dearly. Too young I am you say? To know love to such a degree? Well what is love if not real love? I've always thought it funny when people say "'wag muna mag-seryoso". How could someone take love lightly? I refuse to. It's not like it is a choice. No one can stop love, real love at that. And that is what I have been living with for months now. A girl that turned into a lady, and a boy transformed into a man.


  1. My mother's nickname is Teng :)) Her name is Bettina

  2. really?? haha that's cool :D pano naging teng? :D