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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Every minute of every day I spend thinking of what will be and what might have been. I think of the decision I have made and those I did not make. I make only the right decisions, or at least what I know are right and are on the right terms of being right. But what happens when what you believe in and what you have to do go on different directions? What would be right? Everyday we live with ourselves trying to make up for things we did in the past we know or knew were wrong. May it be from killing a living, breathing dweller of this earth to forgetting to do the laundry. Whatever we may do to make up for the crimes, sins or what you want to call it, that we have committed, would it make a difference? Would it compensate for the wrongs we ourselves have done? May it be consciously or unconsciously? Could we live with the guilt? Would anything we do matter anymore after we have sinned against a person?

Too long and far too many times we have thought only of ourselves and what is best for us. I think it is about time we thought about others and about something higher than the physicality of being and doing right. It's about time we be right in and out. Don't you think so too? Whoever you are reading this?

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