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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hurt, Fight, Love.

The face that haunts my soul.
The fact that stops my breath short.
The one who distorts love,
belittles my dignity,
my reason
and my existence.
Washes off
every memory I have planted.
And vanquishes
memories of tomorrow's happiness.

It plays over
and over again.
That night
that set my heart ablaze.
When everything seemed so right,
turned wrong.
By this joke of a man.
Cowardly, yet wise.
Evil lurks in his veins.
Wanting to end
the greatest good
of what my life could ever have.

Destroying as he goes,
he never stops.
He's always there,
where I used to be.
Taking my own throne.
Taking the very reason
of my being.

I'll fight,
til there's nothing left
to fight for.
No, not even then
will I stop loving.
For it is the only thing
that I know how to do.
And she is the only person,
I could ever love,
could ever hold in these arms of mine
and call my own.

I'll give and die.
Wanting no less than her joy.
Wanting to be the reason,
wanting to be the one to sacrifice
everything that I hold dear.
She'll have me

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