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Saturday, July 23, 2011

What Is It?

What is love
without it's sacrifices?
It's promises to be kept?
It's rules and beliefs?
What is it
without giving more than taking?
What is it
but to do anything just to make the other happy?
Or feel appreciated
his or her own imperfections?
What is love
but to care for,
and never do anything to hurt
the one you say you love?
What is love
without selflessness?
What is it
that makes you content?
What is it
you value the most?
What is it
that matters to you more?
Feelings made felt?
What is to love?
Than to give up
more of yourself,
more of your pride,
your dignity
just so you can give the one you love
what he or she truly deserves?
What is it?

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