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Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm Still Here

I'm still here,
loving you so dear.
Remembering the day
I first saw you.
Remembering the way
I felt when I found out I loved you.

Let me fall for you
my love,
over and over again.
Like the crashing waves coming in.
I'll still be here
waiting for everything to begin.

I'll give
every ounce of blood
every drip of sweat
every pint of shame
every bit of my strength
for you.
But only for you.
I'll live the lengths
of everyday
giving you a glimpse
of what we had
and what I want us to have.

Keep me here,
it is where I want to be.
For the rest of my days.
Your love is the only love
I would ever long for.
Your face
the only one I want to see.
Your hands are the only ones
I'll hold on to so dearly.

I'll be what you need,
I'll be what everyone cannot be.

There are many things
I have yet to say,
many things
I have yet to do.
Teach me the ways of your heart.
Show me the ways of your mind.
Lead me to where your soul resides.
Show me where the pain hides
and let me be the one
to keep you going,
keep you living,

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