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Writer, reader, dancer, musician and a lover of all things. I'm a student from the University of Santo Tomas. Currently 18 years old. What you'll read here are my original poems and some write ups. Anything that comes into my mind actually but mostly you'll see poems. Feel free to put in some comments after each post I make. But I reserve the right to remove comments if they are inappropriate. The use of the texts and images I put up in this blog is not permitted without my approval.

Monday, July 11, 2011


I walk
in a path of evergreen.
Not believing what I have seen.

The air,
that light breeze.
The light
passing in
and out
of the trees above.
Reminding me of the light
I saw in your eyes.

Birds are singing
what seems to be a single tune.
My ears
clinging on
to every note
and every pause.
They're singing with a cause.
Again, reminding me of you
speaking words of love.
Sounding right and true.

that everything will come out pure.
As coal does going through flames
before giving out that glow.
That inner glow
and incinerating passion.
That desire
for one's longing arms,
longing for the safety
and the love it brings,
once again.
Once more.
Feeling in,
reaching out.
Holding on
for all it's worth.
Arms out,
searching for you
in pitch black darkness.
Searching for that light
that glows in your heart.

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